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Lisa Esslemont

Who am I?

I have been described as passionate and caring, direct and in control (even a little bit of a “neat freak”) and someone who knows how to have fun.  What this does bring me is determination and dedication to the cause and I find it almost impossible to quit until I know every avenue has been explored. Developing (and continuing to develop) my own style of coaching and management has allowed me to work intuitively, calling upon my own strengths and senses, to bring a fresh approach to supporting individuals and businesses.

Over my many years of working, apart from ensuring I am happy in what I do, my one aim has been to support. It's only through the years that this has been tweaked and fine tuned to determine which path that support would lead me. I have been blessed to work with some amazing and inspiring people in my time which has led me to establish my own business in 2007 which I continue to develop and nurture through my own continued professional development and learning through valued experience and connections.

My background is business management and managing best practices and solutions, however, I was inspired to follow my dream to support others with wellness and lifestyle choices, to balance and enhance their personal or professional lives and was proud to be granted the first bespoke, university certified Wellness Coaching Accreditation in the UK. This integrated approach within my business has allowed me to contribute to my client's needs on a broader basis.

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