Coaching & Business Management Support
Lisa Esslemont

What is my business about?

It's about you! I do not come with a set agenda in mind. You share, we create. The key is about supporting you, your goals, your strengths and objectives. You may not be absolutely clear on what this may look like initially, but that's okay... through our conversations, this will unfold.

My aim is to inspire and support individuals and businesses who are ~

  • looking to accelerate personal or professional success ~ but something is holding you back
  • seeking to gain clarity or direction ~ perhaps at a difficult or trying time
  • wanting to step up to a challenge ~ but are experiencing some blockages
  • requiring external business support ~ when in house cover is not enough
  • wishing to review current working methods and systems ~ but do not have the time to look at a fresh approach
  • realising that employee development within a new or transitional role is key ~ so investment in a mentoring role to facilitate this is of great value
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