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Business Management Support is of benefit to your business when you just don't have the time, experience, available hands, ideas or know how. It is very difficult to put into a box and determine its label.

   Bullet Best Methods Maximise on organisation, procedures and time management
   Bullet External SupportProviding additional project management support when in house cover is not enough
   Bullet Mentoring Providing guidance and transitional coaching and facilitation to staff within a new role or responsibilities to help them gain confidence and experience more quickly

You may be looking for inspiration and guidance on setting up a new office, organisational input on a new project or contract, reviewing your current working methods and procedures in order to comply with contractual requirements or policies. Whatever your need; my blended approach not only provides the additional input or pair of hands required to get the job done, but we work closely to ensure that your employees are engaged and enjoy and carry out their roles and responsibilities to the best of their ability, whilst fulfilling your operational needs.

My belief is that no two projects are the same, however, I can call upon my varied experience, excellent communication, organisation and facilitation skills to apply to many situations within small and medium sized companies (or large companies with many departments!).

I have enjoyed assignments such as ~

Policy Review ~ Overhauling and implementing best working methods within the department which included employee engagement and review of roles and responsibilities

Meeting Facilitation ~ Ensuring the client achieved the best outcomes and actions from a limited time together with team members; including review and follow up

Product Launch ~ Project managing all elements of client’s event from idea and planning, through to invitation, launch and follow up stages.

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